Tagged Classics: The Rock: The People's Champ & Just Bring It! - DVD (2 Disc-Set)


World Champion



Disc 1

The Rock: The People's Champ

Talk the Talk

The Millions & Millions

The Rock in Miami

Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection

Listen Up Jabroni

Who is This Roody-Poo?

The Rock Says…

God Spoke to Billy

The Big Slow

Your Game Sucks

My Name is Kane

Jabroni Jackpot

Guest Referee

The Three Musketeers

People’s Pie

Thanksgiving Pie

The Interviews

The T-Shirt

Bottom of the Barrel

You Can Hear the Crowd

A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Happy Birthday

The T-Shirt Part II


Millennium Moments

Disc 2

The Rock: Just Bring It

Just Bring It!

King of the Ring 2000

Never Before...

The Mummy Returns

The Rock Says

Fully Loaded 2000

Picture the Rock

No Mercy 2000

Survivor Series 2000


No Way Out 2001

Road to WrestleMania X-7

WrestleMania X-7

WrestleMania Aftermath

No Time…

The Scorpion King

The Mummy Returns Premiere

Movies vs. WWE


SummerSlam 2001

The Rock Says More…

Weight a Minute…

Wake a Wish

Rock on

Special Features

vs. Kurt Angle

Unforgiven 2001

vs. Shane McMahon

Kevin Kelly Interviews

Big Jugs & Pie

Singin’ in the..

Pick a Partner

DVD Review

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