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Hier mal für den Fall, das jemand nen Interessanten Kommentar, Tweet oder was weiß ich findet, den einige vielleicht ganz spannend finden könnten. Fange mal mit einem langen Post von Michael Elgin an, der wohl gestern einen moralischen hatte.

Late night thoughts
It seems that I still come under fire from time to time. Don't get me wrong I understand much of it, I'm human and all human beings make mistakes. I've said and done things maybe I shouldn't have, but you learn from mistakes and they help you grow. I'm growing day by day and to be completely honest I'm happy with life. But before I go on about the things I truly want to cover I want to briefly discuss a couple things to try and make them as clear as possible. Like a just mentioned I like many made mistakes, I said and did things I maybe shouldn't have. But that was all because I am a passionate person, sometimes passion drives through in every situation good and bad.

I know there will always be questions and controversy surrounding happening's and people will always make assumptions.
Truth is I am a grown man now, and some decisions I ended up making were for the betterment of my life as well as my growing families futures. Once and a while you must take a step back and do what's best for your family. Every situation I was in, I was open and honest about even though at times I should of stayed silent. I am guilty of that, I'm also guilty of reacting to things I shouldn't of. Things I thought were harmless offended people in ways I wish they didn't. I've said it time and time again wrestling fans make us strive and help us survive. So any fans who read this who I offended or soured towards me I apologize.
I know many no matter what I say or do will refuse to except what I'm saying, but as a piece of mind to me I wanted to say I'm sorry. Without the fans who have supported me the last 14 years I wouldn't be where I am. And to be where I am, wow I am truly grateful.

Holy 14 years, I'm 28 that's half my life spent on this crazy journey. To look back and know I'm here is overwhelming. Since my first time in a ring it was like I wasn't supposed to make it. The first school I attended was shady to say the least. I wasn't the "favorite student" and we really didn't have a trainer. I remember showing up to class early and staying late with Connor Gomez to basically self teach ourselves. But after 2 years there I finally found a school that had a good reputation. Squared Circle, I had worked construction on weekends and summers so I had enough saved to join up. At 16 I remember walking in the doors and being blown away. Tyson Dux and Joe Legend were there helping class and it was an amazing learning experience. That day I made 2 friends I owe a lot to and will always be guys I admire and go to. Tyson Dux and Ashley Sixx. They believed in me from day 1 and I wouldn't be where I am without there help and friendship. I love and appreciate you guys.

I remember hearing Ash talk about shows coming up, I immediately asked if I could ride with him....and that started my journey. I called in sick to work ( a regular occurrence which cost me many jobs in my early days of my career)
And headed to Detroit. The first show I ever did was put on by Truth Martini. How things happen some times are strange. I didn't realize that day that truth martini would be so influential in my career. I could talk a long time about my journeys but I want to stick to the influential ones. For 2 years I travelled with Ash stateside and to Montreal, at the time you had to be 18 in Ontario to work. Now time for the first journey that helped, Ash was booked in Minnesota a 16 hour trip from Toronto and asked if I wanted to go with. I cancelled my Canada day plans which hurt some feelings but I wanted the chance to work. That weekend I ended up working all 3 shows, and bonded with Jimmy Jacobs and Bj Whitmer. Now on to the next influential stage in my career.

Bj and Jimmy Jacobs were great people, tremendous wrestlers and truly wanted to help young guys they deemed as talented. ( I was very fortunate that both saw something my myself and ash) they called Ian Rotten and got us a chance with IWA Mid south. This was where my first exposure to the states truly took off. I know there are mixed feelings and stories about Ian. But I will say he never did me wrong, always treated me well and I am thankful he gave a 21 yr old me a chance. I have very found memories of my time in IWA-Mid South and this is also where I first meant Delirious. This comes up later in my story.
With all this happening my sights were set on ROH. I recall in 2002 getting ahold of there first show and was blown away. I had been newly training and right then and there I wanted to be a part of ROH. I had a few darks here and there as well as a couple main show appearances. Those were fun times, and it was very influential in me training harder and changing my body.

I was a fat kid growing up, anybody who has been obese knows it can be a true struggle to transform. Don't get me wrong I still have work to do, but I am happy to look back and see where I came from. In 2009 I had an injury and with my off time I decided to take training in the gym even more serious. I worked hard to get rid of my fat and be in a better position to get to where I wanted to be. In 2010 ROH was holding a tryout camp in Philadelphia. I knew I had to attend. Now it wasn't easy, by that I mean I had been wrestling for 7 years and it was a tough pill to swallow but I knew I had to spend the money and take the chance to know if I was good enough or not. That was oct of 2010 and I begin my ROH career in November of 2010. I am very grateful to have been given that opportunity.

Looking back man I am so lucky to be part of ROH in this time. It was difficult to get my footing, and I had help doing so. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards were very helpful and truly great people to look upto. They were the first people to tell officials I was ready to take the next step, and the first guys to let me get my thought process out in our matches. Without those 2 I don't think I would have got the opportunities I did in the first couple years with ROH. Also Chris Hero and Claudio were amazing to have in the locker room, and the first guys to congratulate me and everyone else on success we had garnered. Another person who truly stands out in my mind is Kevin Steen, words couldn't describe how highly I think of him. Not only is he a tremendous talent he's a good friend and always willing to listen or give a helping hand. I miss Kevin a lot, I think all of ROH does.

Before I finish with ROH, I want to thank AAW, AIW, PWG and all the other great promotions that gave me the opportunity to perform for them. You guys are amazing and gave me chances to work with some of the most talented men in wrestling thank you.

Well as I said it's been quite the journey for me in the last 14 years and now I have a huge weekend ahead. I get to wrestle Samoa Joe in Chicago. I realize how some people feel towards me, I can't live off past accomplishments wrestling will always be a what have you done lately world. And I look forward to the opportunity ROH has given me to step in the ring with one of wrestlings greats. I know people have their view points, but I look forward to 2015 with ROH, we sat down and put the past behind us and fixed both sides issues. We both felt moving forward together was the best thing, and I'm glad we both felt that way. ROH is having a great year and it's only March, the rest of this year is going to blow you away. My heart will always be with wrestling, I've spent half my life in this crazy world, it's what I eat and sleep I wake up thinking about it and work every day to be in better shape and a better wrestler. Wrestling allowed me to buy a house, and meet the woman of my dreams. I can't thank wrestling enough as I'm happy how things are going. I have a beautiful wife, wonderful pets, my own house and a child on the way. Thank you wrestling fans for supporting me and if you don't support me well thank you for supporting wrestling. I like you am a fan, I love watching wrestling and now want to give props to guys everyone will know, and to some you should know more about.
Red Dragon, The Young Bucks, Okada, Tanahashi, Sekimoto, Chris Hero, Johnny Gargano, Ricochet, Samoa Joe, AJ styles and too many more to name thank you for your hard work and putting eyes on our sport. I truly enjoy your work and love the chance to sit back and peak through the curtain to see you perform.

Ethan Page, Josh Alexander, Ashley Sixx, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everrett, Kongo Kong, Tyson Dux, Louis Lyndon, and Tyler Thomas. You guys are killing it, if you haven't seen these guys go out of your way to see them. I know many are breaking out and they are so deserving of such opportunity. I look forward to crossing paths with you guys and watching you perform. Keep up the good work.


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Sehr coole Idee ein solcher Thread! :)

Und was den Text von Michael Elgin angeht, kommt er mir teilweise so vor wie ein ein bisschen unterbelichteter Teenager auf Facebook, der der ganzen Welt seine Gefühle mitteilen möchte! :D :D


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Erst fertigt er Vinnie und TK vom Kingdom ab, geht dann aber nicht den ganzen Weg und konfrontiert Matt Taven, sondern Bandido.
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